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Ein- und Verkaufsgenossenschaft eG is a medium-sized agricultural cooperative in the "Lenbach*-town" of Schrobenhausen in the North of Upper Bavaria – the largest coherent potato cultivation area in Bavaria.

The focus of our activities is placed on marketing table and seed potatoes.

The company's product range also includes the collection of grains, the sales of machinery, a workshop and our economic and green warehouse.


Franz von Lenbach (born on 13th December 1836 in Schrobenhausen) was a famous German painter.

Ein- und Verkaufsgenossenschaft eG
Pöttmeser Str. 15
D-86529 Schrobenhausen
Telephone: 08252 / 8979-0
Fax.: 08252 / 8979-90
e-mail: evg@schrobenhausen.net


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