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Table potatoes

In our operating centers of Schrobenhausen and Karlshuld up to 4.500 to. can be stored at present, 1.600 to. of which in modern cold storage facilities. All in all, the annual throughput amounts to approx. 20.000 to. of table potatoes.
At delivery, the potatoes are evaluated by an independent assessor. After evaluation, they are assigned to their relevant purpose. Thus, the potatoes are either directly passed to sales or stored.

Potato sales is based on different pillars:

Potatoes for processing and peeling companies
cleaned potatoes that are ready to be packed for food retailing
big gradings for export
Bagged, uncleaned batches for the domestic market

Table potatoes can be marketed as follows:

5,00 kg – 10,00 kg – 25,00 kg – BigBags - loose
in the most versatile gradings
brushed – cleaned – polished
paletted on Euro exchange or one-way pallets
wound in foil mesh or shrink film

For delivery, we avail of our own truck fleet consisting of two trucks so that we are able to react on orders on a short-time basis.


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