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Seed potatoes

We get our potatoes mainly from regional farmers who reproduce seed potatoes for us on an acreage of about 180 ha.
For doing so, they are continuously looked after by our employees - from planting the potatoes, to field inspections and finally to recognizing seed potatoes as certified seed stock in order to assure maximum quality.
For more information on our seed potatoes such as cultivation properties, resistances, health status etc. our experienced employees are available who love to pass on their knowledge to you.

Further services:

Eco seed potatoes
Starch seed potatoes
Processing seed potatoes
Seed stock of old potato varieties and special varieties
Sales (even of smaller quantities) all over Germany
broken sorting upon request

Seed potatoes are available in the following quantities:

2.50 kg – 5.00 kg – 10.00 kg – 25.00 kg – 50.00 kg / in Raschel (mesh) bags and jute bags
in BigBags - loose


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