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About us

Company portrait
  • Year of foundation: 1920
  • Employees: 30
  • Turnover in million €: 12
  • Legal form: collective
  • Members: 350
  • Main pillar of sales: potatoes, grain, machinery for workshop for agricultural machinery and truck fleet, fertilizers and plant protection, green department store
  • Own truck fleet
  • Warehouse capacity potatoes:
    4.500 to.
  • Warehouse capacity grain:
    9.000 to.
  • Sites: Schrobenhausen, Karlshuld, Langenmosen and Waidhofen
  • Certificates: HACCP, eco certificate, GMP+, GQB (certified Bavarian Quality), VLOG


On 11th December 1920, Ein- und Verkaufsgenossenschaft, Schrobenhausen was founded by committed farmers. The purpose of the foundation was the individual and independent marketing of their agricultural products and, in addition, buying and selling of convenience goods including agricultural machinery as well as carrying out the repairs connected with this.
Up to now, Ein- und Verkaufsgenossenschaft remained true to this tradition and understands itself as a modern collective the members of which offer currently and competently offer their services.
On the other hand, the collective is involved in a lively exchange of information and/or has an intense contact with their business customers in order to master its collective task, namely to act as a reliable intermediary between Seller and Buyer.
  • 1920 Year of foundation
  • 1954 Construction of an office building including workshop
  • 1968 Construction of a grain warehouse
  • 1990 New construction of a warehouse for potatoes
  • 1992 Sorting and cleaning system is put into operation
  • 2002 Move to the present headquarters – Pöttmeser Strasse
  • 2005 Installation of a photovoltaic system
  • 2009 Completion of a cooled potatoe store with a storage capacity of 1.000 to.
  • 2010 Cooperation with Messrs. Glöckl GmbH, Karlshuld
  • 2013 Installation of a potato polisher
  • 2016 Installation of a new bagging line with palletizer for potatoes
  • 2017 Commissioning of a potato hall including cold storage with 600 t storage capacity
  • 2018 Cooperation with the Raiffeisen warehouses, Langenmosen and Waidhofen


 Table potatoes 
 Seed potatoes