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In our headquarters at Pöttmeser Strasse, we have a "Green Warehouse" and a storeroom for economic matters. Our well-trained employees offer our clients expert and committed consulting.

As an additional service, we offer our clients to deliver certain items (briquettes, animal feedstuff, de-icing salt, etc.) of an overall weight ranging between 500 kg and 25,000 kg with our own trucks free domicile.

Short excerpt from our large range of high-quality products


Seedstock(grain, corn, seeds)
Fertilizer (loose and sacked)
Special asparagus fertilizer
Leasing of a spreader
Plant protection agents     Safety data sheets 
Feedstock (soy meal, rapeseed meal, dairy feed, mineral feed)
Dietary supplements (calf rearing food, milk replacer feed)

"Green warehouse"

Poultry feed
Rabbit feed
Dog, cat and horse feed
Small units grain(from 5kg)
Large selection of wild bird food
Wood briquettes and bundled briquettes
De-icing salt
Garden / lawn fertilicer
Garden plant protection
Lawn seeds
Garden gloves
Shovels and brooms
Desinfection and/or cleaning for pigeonries and stables


 Table potatoes 
 Seed potatoes